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Rotational diets

A growing number of pet owners and breeders worldwide are realizing the benefits of a rotational diet. Rotational diets involve rotating formulas and protein sources every few weeks. Rotation feeding is designed to provide improved nutrition and a more satisfying feeding experience for your pet by employing different flavors, ingredients and nutrients.

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All Life Stages

In the wild, animals can't choose between puppy, adult or senior formulas. There's no "lite" formula for the wolf that is prone to weight gain. Rather, wild dogs and cats instinctively eat more or less based upon their age, activity level and other dietary needs.

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Hundreds of species of wild herbs, grasses, sedges, nuts, berries and seeds grew abundantly over expansive areas of virgin wilderness throughout the planet, untouched by the hand of man.A vast variety of these seasonal plants are the established daily diet of all species of grazing animals, providing the necessary nutrients that their bodies need to function to their fullest potential.

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