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Oxygen barrier packaging

Because we use such high quality ingredients in our formulas, we want to ensure that our content stays fresh for as long as possible. We view packaging as a critical element in the production of our natural pet diets. The right packaging, made of the most durable materials, will provide exceptional protection from the potentially damaging forces of environment and transport

We are proud to offer the highest grade of food grade oxygen barrier packaging.Food grade packaging does not transfer toxic substances to the food within it. The plastics used in food grade packaging are required to be of a greater purity than those used in regular packaging. Food grade packaging is water and fat resistant, and has been deemed safe for human use according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Our special protective bags are superior to traditional paper and plastic packaging in several ways:

Prevention from oxidation and rancidity

Air is a natural enemy of food. Too much air inside a package can cause food to spoil, making it stale or unpalatable. Pets may refuse to eat kibble that has gone bad. Even worse, spoiled food can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria or molds that thrive on oxygen. Our oxygen barrier bags feature a one-way degassing valve to lock in freshness and keep air out.

Protection from environmental contaminants

A bag that is exposed to air is also vulnerable to environmental contamination. Once bacteria have latched onto the food, they can multiply rapidly and sicken any animal unfortunate enough to ingest them. Timberwolf packaging slams the door on bacteria and other harmful substances that can be introduced externally. Our barrier bags are sealed to prevent chemicals, toxins, fungi, viruses and bacteria from infiltrating your pet’s food.

Mylar Foil-Lined packaging to maintain freshness

Just as wrapping your food in aluminum foil keeps it fresh, our food grade foil-lined bags protect the integrity of our pet diets. Foil packaging provides a barrier against air, aids in maintaining the internal temperature of the bag, and helps retain the natural moisture balance of the food. Thinner packaging materials such as paper let air in, making the food susceptible to spoilage and environmental contamination.

Easier transport

As your Timberwolf purchase makes its way to your doorstep, it is subjected to the normal rigors of shipping and handling. Our thicker ply bags are tear resistant and designed to withstand impact. They provide an additional layer of protection to ensure that your Timberwolf purchase reaches your doorstep in optimum condition.

We pride ourselves on the fact that every product we produce is created with your pet in mind. We like to think that every Timberwolf package is sealed with our commitment, integrity and love for your pets.