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Rotational diets

We don’t eat the same food at every meal, so why should our pets?

A growing number of pet owners and breeders worldwide are realizing the benefits of a rotational diet. Rotational diets involve rotating formulas and protein sources every few weeks. Rotation feeding is designed to provide improved nutrition and a more satisfying feeding experience for your pet by employing different flavors, ingredients and nutrients.

Timberwolf was the first pet food company to offer rotational formulas. Early in our history, we began to suspect that the “one food for life” philosophy touted by other pet food manufacturers was an inadequate approach to animal nutrition. Limiting your pet to one particular diet could lead to food allergies and nutritional deficiencies in the long term. Rotating formulas ensures that your pet is receiving a complete array of vitamins and minerals.

Many other companies have since jumped onto the rotational diet bandwagon, but Timberwolf is still the original and the best. We have spent years perfecting our rotational diets to create a feeding system that is both delicious and completely nourishing.

Rotational diets offer a number of distinct advantages:

Allergy Prevention

Just as humans can develop food allergies, so can animals. Feeding the same formula for a prolonged period increases the likelihood of your pet developing a food allergy or intolerance. A diverse diet with a wide range of protein sources can keep your pet from becoming sensitive to a particular food. Timberwolf rotational diets offer a choice of flavorful lean proteins, including buffalo, chicken, venison, lamb, herring, salmon and whitefish. All of our protein sources are rich in essential amino acids, the building blocks of life.

Avoiding Adverse Eating Behaviors

A pet that is accustomed to a certain flavor may be less likely to try new foods. Providing a variety of flavors broadens your dog’s palate and maintains interest at mealtime.

Maintaining a Strong Digestive System

Wolves in the wild do not consume the exact same food day after day. Instead, they enjoy diversity in foods. Their digestive systems are designed to absorb nutrients from a wide variety of food sources. Dogs share 99% of their DNA with their wolf ancestors and therefore require the same diversity. Each Timberwolf formula provides optimum amounts of quality meat protein, fruits and vegetables and essential herbs. Rotating formulas allows your dog’s digestive system to do what it does best, as nature intended. By processing the same ingredients day after day, your pet’s digestive system gradually adapts to digest only that food. This could lead to a potential illness if your pet accidentally eats something he or she is not used to eating. A rotational diet keeps the digestive system alert and functional, not lazy and limited.

Improved Nutrient Uptake

From apples to zinc, every ingredient offers different nutritional benefits. For example, both flaxseed and sweet potatoes are good sources of fiber. But flaxseed is higher in omega-3 fatty acids, while the sweet potato contains more Vitamin C. While each of our formulas is complete and suitable for long-term use, a rotational diet allows your pet to reap the widest possible range of amino acids, vitamins and balanced essential fatty acids.

Each Timberwolf diet is formulated for all life stages, breeds and sizes, so you can choose the formulas that work best for your pet. Our formulas are designed to complement each other. We recommend that you rotate formulas every two to three months, making a gradual transition from one food to the next to avoid stomach upset. Over time, your pet will adjust more easily from one Timberwolf diet to another. It’s never too early or too late to start your pet on a rotational diet. Try Timberwolf rotational formulas today, and set your dog on the path to improved nutrition. After all, a healthier pet is a happier pet.

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