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All life stages

In the wild, animals can’t choose between puppy, adult or senior formulas. There’s no “lite” formula for the wolf that is prone to weight gain. Rather, wild dogs and cats instinctively eat more or less based upon their age, activity level and other dietary needs. They also consider external factors such as the level of animal protein and the scent of the food.

We kept their natural feeding habits in mind when developing our holistic pet diets. Timberwolf Canid Formulas and our Serengeti Felid Diet are formulated to meet AAFCO guidelines for “All Life Stages.” No matter your pet’s age, our diets provide all the necessary nutrients that dogs and cats would naturally obtain in the wild.

Puppies and Kittens

The first year of a puppy or kitten’s life is a time of rapid growth and development. Their nutritional requirements are at their peak during this stage. Timberwolf and Serengeti contain high levels of amino acids to provide energy and build muscle. They supply appropriate levels of calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D for strong bones and teeth. Furthermore, they offer vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids for immune support. Our nutrient dense diets create a solid foundation for the years to come, helping your puppy or kitten to grow into a strong, healthy adult.


Maintenance is the key to feeding an animal that has reached maturity. The ideal formula provides fuel for the day’s activities and helps maintain a healthy body. Timberwolf and Serengeti diets are packed with protein to preserve strength and aid in tissue repair. They contain probiotics for a balanced digestive system, and antioxidants to fight cell-damaging free radicals. Serengeti includes the amino acid taurine, a nutrient cats need for good vision and heart health. All of our formulas are complete and balanced to promote the long-term vitality of your pet.


Studies have demolished the old myth that senior dogs require a low protein diet. As dogs age, their bodies become less efficient at metabolizing protein. They actually require a higher level of protein to replenish their supply. Older dogs do best on smaller amounts of a high protein diet with moderate fat and calories. Timberwolf diets are formulated for easy digestion to keep your older pet comfortable and satisfied, plus they include essential fatty acids to promote joint health and brain function

Weight Management

Even overweight dogs can benefit from Timberwolf diets. Dogs and cats convert protein into energy and muscle. Replacing protein with carbohydrates, as many “lite” formulas do, can have a negative effect on an animal’s health. Carbohydrates have less nutritional value than protein, and they are not as readily absorbed. Our formulas provide more of what your pet actually needs. As with older pets, overweight and less active animals should be fed smaller amounts of a high protein diet. You can adjust to feeding quantities because our diets are nutrient dense. Alternately, you can transition to a mid-level protein diet such as Dakota Bison or Wilderness. If a pet continues to maintain its weight, it can be transitioned to a formula that is even lower in protein, fat and calories. All of our formulas are designed for “All Life Stages.”

Please see osmaller ur Feeding Instructions for guidelines on how much to feed your dog or cat. Keep in mind that every animal is different, so nutritional requirements and feeding amounts will vary according to your pet’s individual needs.

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