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At Timberwolf, we value your pet’s health just as much as you do. Since our inception, we have committed ourselves to using wholesome ingredients from trusted sources to provide your pet with a natural, nourishing diet. That devotion to quality extends to our manufacturing process. We hold our food to the highest safety and quality control standards. Our diets exceed Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards for pet food. Our manufacturing facility is USDA-inspected, and is one of the few that is APHIS (Agricultural Plant Health Inspection Service) certified.

Both incoming raw ingredients and finished products undergo a battery of tests, including tests for the naturally occurring toxins aflatoxin and vomitoxin. We test moisture, protein, dry matter, ash and fat. We also do a visual inspection and an aroma check. Peroxide Value (PV) tests, a good predictor of shelf life, are run to determine lipid quality and freshness. Checks are also performed on fats, tallows, digests and oils. Raw ingredients are not allowed into the facility until they have passed all tests.

In production, we monitor kibble length, expansion, appearance and smell. Checks are conducted on the flour mix for density, moisture, fat, ash, dry matter and protein. These checks are performed again on the extruded and finished kibble.

Our facility employs skilled personnel with years of quality control experience. The Quality Assurance supervisor has a degree in biology and several years of experience in the medical device-manufacturing field. Our lab technicians oversee documentation and export testing.

We swab designated production areas and send these samples to Siliker Labs to check for salmonella, enterobacteriaceae and APHIS testing. Other outside lab testing includes Midwest Laboratories for proximate, gelatinization, and levels of trace minerals. With over 30 years of experience, the Midwest Laboratories Feed Department is one of the largest feed labs in the country. Midwest of Omaha, Neb., specializes in the testing of general feed products, as well as domestic pet food. The laboratory offers microbiological and antibiotic testing, along with testing for melamine and related compounds. All feed and pet food testing uses standard wet chemistry testing methods. Midwest offers fast turnaround times and accuracy through BAXTM, the DuPont Qualicon System of testing.

Bispharma s.r.o., distributor of Timberwolf Organics, subsequently testing this feed in ANALPO s.r.o Laboratories.