• My 9 yr old German shepherd has always had food allergies. Unfortunately it took many years to figure out which foods he could and couldn’t have. I was a little hesitant to purchase the elk heritage food due to the elk. It’s a novel protein so it shouldn’t have caused any issues in theory but you never know. I’m very pleased with this food! My dog loves it and I love it for him! No problems with allergies whatsoever. I work as a vet tech in a large hospital and I recommend this food to clients now.

    Kirstin Linebach
  • Ocean Blue Legends is the best dog food we have found for our 3 year old Great Pyrenees. We have been feeding this formula for about 3 months and continue to have perfect stools. It is expensive but worth the price after trying cheaper brands and higher end such as Acana and Orijen.

    Estella Ellis
  • Since my Great Dane was 8 weeks old and came home with me for the first time, I’ve always given him nothing but the best of everything! I always tried to buy him the best food I could, best treats, etc. All you have to do is look at the ingredients of Timberwolf and it speaks for itself. My Dane is so healthy and happy with this food, he jumps off the ground every time I scoop his food out, before feeding him Timberwolf he never used to do that. I swear by this food and think my Dane will have a longer and healthier life due to this food. Couldn’t be happier!

    Steven Koster
  • Arnold, our Dogue de Bordeaux, absolutely loves your Grain Free Lamb and Apples! We have a hard time keeping weight on our boys as we live in the country and they get a great deal of exercise. We love the high quality and calorie content in your food. He has put on weight and is looking healthy and very happy. I know you can’t tell, but that’s his smile!

    Lauren Gilliam
  • I have been feeding Bowser and Koda the Legends Grain food for a year now. Their coats are extremely shiny and are both full of energy. this is some of the only food I have found that my dogs truly love. I always get compliments on how fit and beautiful they are and their coats. People always ask what I feed them since they are wolfdogs and I always tell people. I don’t know how many people I have turned on to this product but everyone I tell can clearly see its some of the best on the market and delivered straight to your door.

    Ethan Wilson