As consumers become increasingly aware of the nutritional and environmental impact of their food choices, previously simple purchase decisions take on a new importance. Consumers have legitimate concerns about low-quality ingredients from dubious sources, cost-cutting manufacturing processes that leach the nutrients from food, and business practices that harm the environment.

Timberwolf Organics is committed to making naturally healthy pet foods with a conscience. All of our ingredients are sourced from the United States with the exception of our lamb and venison, which are imported from premium suppliers in New Zealand. We are proud to disclose that Timberwolf Organics diets are manufactured at a U.S. facility. Producing our food in the USA enables us to support domestic suppliers and manufacturers, helping to build the economy right here at home.

Our adherence to domestic production also allows us greater control over the quality and inventory of our food. Having an ocean between your suppliers and your production facility can cause delays and misunderstandings in the manufacturing process, making it more difficult to ensure superior quality. Lax standards and poor oversight at a plant can result in widespread food contamination and sickness or death of many pets. Timberwolf refuses to compromise quality just to save a few dollars and increase profits. We are familiar with every step our facility takes to ensure product safety, and we are confident that our diets are held to the strictest quality assurance standards throughout all stages of the production process.

With Timberwolf, you know what you’re getting: protein-rich meat, nutritious fruits and vegetables, beneficial herbs and the finest gourmet oils. Our foods do not not contain wheat, soy or corn. We do not use chemical preservatives, byproducts, fillers or artificial taste enhancers in any of our products. High in protein, low in carbohydrates, Timberwolf is a food you can feel secure about giving your pet.


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